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Presenting wide range of Premium Gift Items, Gold Foil Items, Corporate Gift Items, etc. for celebration of every occasion.

About Us

All our products are made of Pure 24k Gold foil with a purity of 999.9 in a thousand and 0.5 micron thickness. Pure 24k Gold bar is compressed into thin 24k Gold foil. A special plastic silicon base is permanently fused with the 24k Gold foil using heat & pressure. The silicon base gives strength & support to the thin delicate 999 Gold foil. 24k Gold foil fused on the silicone base is termed as '24k Gold foil' which is used to create our unique collection.

Here are some questions that our clients want to know the answers.

Question 1. What is the weight of gold leaf?

  • Price of gold foil is figured by purity and size instead of weight. You could fully rest assured what we use is always 99.99% in a thousand.

Question 2. What is gold leaf/foil? How did you make gold foil?

  • Gold foil is heat-formed by both handmade and machine 2 steps. Being processed by extra creative 10 procedures, diversified gold foil accomplish our abundant product series.

Question 3. What is Gold Craft Art?

  • Every Gold art starts from handmade drawing. And, following every steps including choosing, cutting, grinding, polishing, rolling, rapping, shaping, and sticking is handmade as well.